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Prevention of Water Pollution on a Global Level

Water pollution is a concern for the world.  It is not something limited to poor nations.  Many people think that only poor countries suffer from the lack of clean drinking water and pollution of water.  That is far fro the truth.

Everyone suffers from water pollution.  In places like the United States, though, government regulations have helped to ensure clean drinking water.  The government can afford to do so.  That does not mean that water pollution is not a problem.  Without regulation the US would suffer from a lack of clean drinking water just like poorer countries.  There is a need for the prevention of water pollution.

Effects of Water Pollution

The effects of water pollution are pretty simple to understand.  Every living thing needs water to survive.  Without clean drinking water every living thing would die.

Looking at it, though, from the point of view of someone living in a country where clean drinking water is not a concern there are still reasons to be interested in the prevention of water pollution.

Water pollution can affect ecosystems.  It will cause marine life to die.  It will cause plant life to die.  It will have an overwhelming affect on humans that can lead to health problems and other problems associated with the deterioration of nature.

The effects of water pollution are not limited to just clean drinking water. They are serious issues that should be addressed, including a focus on the prevention of water pollution.

How Water Gets Polluted

Water can become polluted in many different ways.  Obviously, illegal dumping of trash, waste and hazardous substances is a major source of water pollution, but it is not the only way.

Water can also be polluted through overgrowth of algae, plants of bacteria in the water.  Animals can pollute water with waste.  Generally, any time something foreign is introduced into the water system it is considered pollution.

Two Major Acts of Prevention of Water Pollution

The two major efforts to ensure clean water are monitoring and testing.  Through these two methods for the prevention of water pollution is caught and corrected before it can become a major concern.

Monitoring water pollution involves setting up laws regarding dumping and other polluting activities.  It includes keeping waterways clean through maintenance and car.  It also involved monitoring industrial activities to ensure there is no accidental run off into water sources.

Testing is done regularly to catch any problem right away.  Sometimes pollution happens naturally and testing helps to ensure it is caught and controlled as soon as possible to minimize the damaging effects.

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